Notes from Bowl Games – Part 1

It seems the growing trend is for players not to play in the Bowl games, particularly if they are lower tier ones.  I’m not going to mention those who elected not to play, so this will just be on those who suited up only. I started off Bowl season with the Celebration Bowl and North […]

Notes from Catchup Games – Part 1

With the limitations of UK TV, I’ve done okay in terms of watching three full games of the big teams/prospects, but in some cases I need to do some catchup work.  This is the first column – some notes will come from full games – others from Draft Breakdown style videos as I aim to […]

Notes from Championship Games

The title of this post should be “Notes from Championship Games Available on UK TV” as the Big 12 and Big 10 weren’t on, which is something that drives UK College Football fans nuts. But being a niche sport over here, we just have to live with it, despite paying what I think are high […]

Notes from Week Thirteen

Week 13 was unlucky for Mississippi State QB Nick Fitzgerald who suffered a gruesome broken ankle against Ole Miss.  I’m not sure I would have been on the sideline for the rest of the game, as he was, but I wish him well for a speedy recovery. When I’ve watched Mississippi State OT Martinas Rankin […]

Notes from Week Twelve

Week 12 kicked off with another look at Western Michigan and OT Chukwuma Okorafor.  I have to admit  in my first watch, I didn’t think he lived up to the hype – and again this one, I didn’t come away thinking “sure fire first round”.  He was cut blocking more in this one, which he […]

Notes from Week Eleven

First up, it’s North Carolina and CB M.J. Stewart, listed at 5’11” – but he’s not small as he is almost built like a RB.  He’s not afraid to press or tackle, so plays bigger than his size.  The only question I had from watching him, is top end speed – I think he might […]

Notes from Week Ten

MACtion hit UK TV this week, with Miami (Ohio) CB Heath Harding my first focus for Week Ten.  I don’t see Harding as a scheme diverse CB, something that will hurt his chances of pushing for the middle rounds.  While he showed flashes of a “plus” break on the ball, in man coverage he struggled […]

Notes from Week Nine

Stanford kicked off week nine with a close win against Oregon State.  NT Harrison Phillips ins’t a classic 330lb two gap run stuffer.  He does some two gap work, in terms of stacking and shedding, but I projecting him forward he’s too light.  However, his quickness, intelligence, motor and hand use do project to the […]

Notes from Week Eight

If you want to play QB in the NFL, you had better be mentally tough. So, it was great to see Memphis QB Riley Ferguson battle back from a first half where he looked off, to lead the Tigers to a comeback win on the road in Houston.  Yes, he had some help from his […]

Notes from Week Seven

The spread offense is clearly impacting the quality of QBs coming into the NFL. You are now given guys with tools, but the old-fashioned college signal caller who can get through progressions are a dying, if not dead breed.  However, it’s not all bad news – because in defending the spread the college safety is […]

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