2017 NFL Draft – Top 10 Series: Safety

Overall Class Strength While spread offenses have hurt some positions, safeties seem to have a much varied skill set in general as they try to defend high-powered offenses.  This is group is very good, with the potential to be excellent. Top 10 Safeties Jabrill Peppers – Michigan. Right now, Peppers isn’t the best player in […]

2017 NFL Draft – Top 10 Series: Cornerback

Overall Class Strength This is an excellent class – with plenty of top-level talent and depth.  There are options for teams running all systems.  It might even be the strongest position in the 2017 Draft class… Top 10 Cornerbacks Marlon Humphrey – Alabama. I love physical cornerbacks – and Humphrey is the most physical in […]

2017 NFL Draft – Top 10 Series: Linebacker

This article covers the off-line linebackers – any 3-4 OLBs are in the edge rusher group. Overall Class Strength This is an excellent group, with real star power, lots of different styles and also depth.  The small school class is also good. Top 10 Linebackers Reuben Foster – Alabama. It was clear from snap one […]

2017 NFL Draft – Top 10 Series: Defensive Line

This group is the defensive line who aren’t edge rushers.  So from the zero technique nose tackles to the five technique (3-4 defensive end) and anywhere between. Overall Class Strength This is a difficult class to get a handle on.  There are several inconsistent prospects – so any pro scouts who get it right could […]

2017 NFL Draft – Top 10 Series: Tight End

This class is a good example of the difference between my rankings (attempting to predict pro success) and my top 100/mock (attempting to predict where prospects will go on draft day).  The two names most connected with the first round, I haven’t clicked with on tape – so they are lower here than they will […]

2017 NFL Draft – Top 10 Series: Wide Receiver

Overall Class Strength I would say this is an average class.  The strongest element is in the middle rounds.  Interestingly, the small school class is excellent – so perhaps a few of those prospects might go a bit earlier than expected. Top 10 Wide Receivers Mike Williams – Clemson. This was a difficult decision, but […]

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