2017 NFL Draft – Top 10 Series: Tight End

This class is a good example of the difference between my rankings (attempting to predict pro success) and my top 100/mock (attempting to predict where prospects will go on draft day).  The two names most connected with the first round, I haven’t clicked with on tape – so they are lower here than they will […]

2017 NFL Draft – Top 10 Series: Wide Receiver

Overall Class Strength I would say this is an average class.  The strongest element is in the middle rounds.  Interestingly, the small school class is excellent – so perhaps a few of those prospects might go a bit earlier than expected. Top 10 Wide Receivers Mike Williams – Clemson. This was a difficult decision, but […]

2017 NFL Draft – Top 10 Series: Running Back

I won’t re-hash the paragraph of what these rankings are about (see my quarterback article if you would like to read it) – but it’s worth saying again that I am not taking off the field/character or medical issues into account in these rankings.  That doesn’t mean I think some transgressions are okay – it […]

NFL Combine Review

For many years now, I’ve been using a homemade NFL Combine spreadsheet to help me.  In terms of the top 100 contest, it’s my leveler.  As regular readers will know, I’m not an “information gather” from a myriad of contacts in the league – I watch tape.  When it came to top 100 scoring, I […]

Notes from Catchup Games – Part Eight

I’ll probably circle back and do some clean-up work with pro day risers (chasing shadows season!) – but this will be the last “Notes from…” column of the season.  These are my thinking aloud columns – next is the Combine and then I’ll start to put the pieces of the puzzle together for rankings, some […]

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